TC came and spoke to our team about accountability, social media awareness and maturity. His words really left an imprint on our program. We plan on having him speak to our program annually!

Brandon Younger

Football Coach

Foothill Community College

Appreciate the speech today 100 I'm sorry I was late though. I had got out of class late and didn't get the memo about you speaking but from what I did hear it hit me and got me thinking on how to change my attitude and the way I perceive the game and life. Thank you for today!

Angel Aguilera

Football Player

De Anza Community College

TC was a guest speaker at my Junior College in Los Altos Hills, CA where he was invited to speak to the football team. I myself am a bit older than most the guys I play with, being that I served in the military for 7 years and have more life experience than most on this team. When TC came in and talked, I felt he really hit the nail on the head with his topic that held very useful information that could be used in life for the younger guys but anyone in general! You could tell TC has great passion for he is bringing to the table but also lots of knowledge and life experience that makes his message more powerful. I definitely recommend TC for any events or schools that are looking for someone to deliver a motivating message. He was very approachable and respectful when we had questions and he even took time out of his day to speak to me over the phone about questions I had about his career path and “LIFE” in general. Highly recommended!

Branden Garcia

Ex-Military & Football Player

Foothill Community College

You always used to ask me " why you are smiling?!" And the reason I was always smiling was because you only saw me at practice and all I ever wanted to do in high school was play sports, so I was genuinely grateful that I got to go to practice. As I grew up, I wanted more opportunity to play and when I didn't get it, I got more and more disdainful towards everyone and life in general. But through that disdain I found a new part of my mind that could be aggressive and violent which went to your point of football being a gladiator sport. You were right. and you gave me opportunities to play defense in high school, but I wasn't able to get into the mindset until after high school when I went to college and I'm sorry I didn't get to let you reap the benefits of what you taught me but I'm thankful for that mindset you gave me back then and all the technique and knowledge of the game you passed on to me. Love you and keep the podcast coming.

Paul Majchrowicz

The King's Academy Prep School

T.C. did a masterful job today with connecting to the players here at De Anza College. From the first minute he arrived, T.C. created an instantaneous rapport with the players and his positive message was well received. Many of the players understood his struggles because they identified with the adversity that T.C. clearly articulated and overcame. He was well prepared and had group discussions which provided the players time to focus on his teaching points.


Anthony Santos

Head Football Coach

De Anza Community College

I had the pleasure to attend a motivational presentation by Toure’ Carter. This event was located at DeAnza Community College. The audience was the DeAnza Football Team. Toure's powerful message was overwhelmingly well received, and the audience was truly engaged. I felt after leaving the talk and in short discussions with the attendees they felt several of the topics and suggestions related to them personally and gave them another touchpoint to consider in the future. Well done TC!

Frederick Mitchum

Life Coach

Santa Clara University

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