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I’ve guided the paths of numerous students and college players onto successful careers. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge and want to see you thrive in your potential. BUT… can I be real with you? This isn’t for everyone. This is for students and their families who are ready to invest the time, energy and money for coaching. If you’re ready lets’ get started!

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Private Student-Athlete 1:1 Success Coaching

Are you ready to take your goals to the next level? Looking for a life coach to give you that extra push you need? This personalized coaching is specifically designed to help you develop or change your habits. You’ll be in a training course with 1-to-1 calls. Oh, and did I mention it's your fastest path to success!

Student-Athlete Development Program

Can you imagine going down a path for 20 years and realizing it wasn't your true calling? This is an on-going monthly development program. You'll learn the importance of goal setting, developing good habits, leadership skills, mindset, accountability, among other things. It can include 1-to-1 calls with Toure.

"T.C. did a masterful job today with connecting to the players here at De Anza College. From the first minute he arrived, T.C. created an instantaneous rapport with the players and his positive message was well received. Many of the players understood his struggles because they identified with the adversity that T.C. clearly articulated and overcame. He was well prepared and had group discussions which provided the players time to focus on his teaching points.


Anthony Santos

Head Football Coach

De Anza Community College

Guest Speaker

Book Toure to speak to your students. Do you have a big game or starting a big season? Are you seeking someone who can inspire others to believe in themselves and learn new habits to be successful? Then I'm your guide! Click the link and let's connect.

Parent Consulting 101

Is your son or daughter and student-athlete? Do you need guidance on how to navigate his academic career? Toure helps you with recruiting, am academic plan, best use of social media, my coaching contacts, understanding the Centennial generation, and more! Please schedule call with me for details.

Coaching Consulting

Are you coaching a group of young men? I'm available for coaching services and support.

Learn through my podcast

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