Toure Carter, M.S., known by TC is a former pro-athlete and NCAA football coach.

He has developed the blueprint for pushing the next generation to be better leaders of our world. TC is an educator, life coach, and motivational speaker. TC has branded himself as a leader of man to create the change of dreams into action through concepts studied and proven to work in this new generation of centennial mindset. Through rigorous intensified strategies and programs built and designed to help this generation dissect for themselves what is unattainable to what is attainable completely.

When I was younger, I had an old coach whom I asked a question and the response I received was not taken well.

It was an answer that made me the person I am today. For most people it would have been debilitating and could have led to a downward spiral. For me it was exactly what I needed to birth a new flame that burns to this day. Which inspired They Call Me TC. My goal is to be your mentor and guide that walk you through proven processes to help you experience breakthroughs in your routines, reframe your outlook and implement new steps toward your personal and professional goals. Our mission is to help you work smarter so that you can change dreams into actions!


Toure (TC) Carter

Bridging the worlds of personal and professional development, Toure' (TC) Carter is a renowned Community Builder, Educator, Author, Serial Entrepreneur, and Former Pro-Football Athlete/Coach who enjoys every moment of delivering society what they deserve the most: growth, progression, and forward-thinking empowerment. To date, TC brings with him an extensive 10+ year history of involving full-scale business and innovation accentuation, athletic mentorship, cross-functional leadership, sustainable strategy, and the art of creating healthy field/workplace cultures that are as positive as they are productive. Applying this same level of altruism to form Urban Beast Beverage and the Urban Beast Dirty Water Company Foundation, TC enjoys not only positioning the next generation of athletes for thought-leading success but doing so all while propelling various larger-picture community and environmental initiatives forward along the way. 

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, TC learned early on the innate value of dedication, persistence, and possessing a strong work ethic to become the change you want to see. Part of that ignited from his journey of rising above childhood poverty, and part from his inherent nature to defy statistical odds. With this as his base and seeing just how hard it can be to excel with limited resources, it ultimately became the catalyst for TC to accelerate into the world of athleticism and develop a unique blueprint to help the next generation of athletes leave their own distinctive marks in sports and in the world. Collectively, TC has worked as a high school head coach and was most recently a Defensive Assistant football coach at Stanford University. In addition, TC has gained a strong reputation as a former professional football player (primarily defense back), playing for A-List NFL and AFL teams, including Ashland University, the Cleveland Browns, Utah Blaze, Colorado Crush, Austin Wranglers, and the San Jose SaberCats. 

Today, TC blended his experiences and passion for serving student-athletes to join the landscapes of motivational speaking and coaching, and ultimately close resource gaps that enable aspiring athletes to achieve competitive-level success. To TC, every youth athlete has the potential for stardom – and the secret to budding begins by recognizing capabilities, capitalizing on competitive edge strengths, and harvesting the winner’s mindset to ensure dreams don't remain just dreams. In conjunction, TC is also the Author of ‘The 11 Steps to Mindset Success’ and is an ongoing advocate for environmental accentuations - sparking Urban Beast Beverage and the Urban Beast Dirty Water Company Foundation developed to provide clean water solutions while saving the planet. TC is also the Founder of multi-service coaching and training resource The TMC, LLC, and hosts the motivational podcast ‘They Call Me TC,' featuring elite guests from the NFL, NBA, Motorsports, UFC, among others, and rendering thousands of tuned-in weekly listeners.

Academically, TC holds an MS in Coaching Theory and Athletic Administration from American Public University, a BA in Electronic Media Production and a Minor in Business Marketing/Management from Ashland University and earned NFL internships amid this time for the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins. Also being a strong granular and collective community activist, TC's current affiliations include volunteer coaching for the Stanford University Defensive Back Camp, Coach Parks Football Camp, and Fierce Life Youth Football Camps, performing as a Spoke at diversity forums for San Jose Water Company, and being rooted in several coinciding organizations such as AFCA, AFP, and CASE. Overall, TC is a firm believer that creating positive futures starts by instilling meaningful impacts today, values the integrity of people and the environment, and understands that the most beneficial outcomes in sport and in life itself are the ones that stem from strong, shared-value teams.

Our Mission is Your Mission

Be More. Do More. Achieve More. To continuously help the next generation of athletes reach their unique versions of success by upholding the highest standards of training excellence, ethics, and integrity. Furthermore, to influence a progressive future where innovation for social good is prioritized, the pursuit of positive and sustainable community change is valued, and converting visions into opportune realities is the core motivation.

Professional speaker panel

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, what you did, but they won’t forget how you made them feel.

"I had the pleasure to attend a motivational presentation by Toure Carter. This event was located at DeAnza Community College. The audience was the DeAnza Football Team. Toure's powerful message was overwhelmingly well received, and the audience was truly engaged. I felt after leaving the talk and in short discussions with the attendees they felt several of the topics and suggestions related to them personally and gave them another touchpoint to consider in the future. Well done, TC! ✊🏼"

Frederick Mitchum

Life Coach

Santa Clara University

TC teaches people how to turn the subconscious to actions by reliving the feeling that lead to the accomplishment of your dreams.

Dreams are subconscious thoughts that have been activated in mind but not yet activated in the universe. Through our dreams to actions movement TC will teach you how to change your dreams into actions to maximize life's full potential in athletics, academics, professional occupations, philanthropy, and most importantly in life.

It is hard for coaches to maximize an athlete when most coaches are not on campus.

Coaches, school districts, athletic directors and parents can now rest assure that our services can fill in the gap to help each SA reach their potential and begin taking steps to change dreams into actions on and off the court or field.

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